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About Us

Our Dedicated Team is the Difference

Quality drives trust and transparency in all we do including strong focus on efficiency as to cost and time on each project. Quality starts with our being customer-centric with the mindset that we represent each customer by always having a vested interest in who we work for and their success.

Energy Resource Group ensures DOT standards are met for documentation & quality, we have dedicated resources to oversee all quality program execution.


8760 Emergency Response Team Services 24/7/365

  • Installation of lining systems
  • Steel wall production tank containment
  • AST installation, rental and maintenance
  • Rig mat installation & rental
  • Emergency containments
  • Impoundments – Well Pads
  • Containment design
  • Secondary containment
  • Prefab containments & “duck ponds”
  • Waste pit liner & containment removal

The 8760 Solution

Energy Resource Group’s sister company Applied Construction Services (ACS) brings Nearly five decades of proven experience in natural gas plant construction, dehydration systems, pipeline maintenance and support, numerous modernizations, along with many other projects.


Energy Transportation’s 8760 U is an industry specific safety training program geared to taking jobsite safety to the next level.